Region 4 2020 SoPs

District #4 - Demerara - Mahaica

These SOPS were given by GECOM to ALL Parties

The People's Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) invites everyone to view the tabulated Statements of Poll (SoPs) for Region # 4.
The SoPs are public documents that should be made available for public scrutiny by everyone. We must protect the will of the people against the rogue elements within GECOM, who are attempting to manipulate the tabulation of the Region 4 votes using fake spreadsheets.
The links below show our tabulation of the signed SoPs by sub-districts: East Bank Demerara, South Georgetown, North Georgetown & East Coast Demerara.
Click on the links below to view our tabulation and the signed SoPs.

Download Region 4 Tabulation 

Download Entire Region 4 SOPS 

Access Individual Areas

East Bank Demerara

South Georgetown

North Georgetown

East Coast Demerara

Notice: It was observed that the excel sheets posted on this site were being downloaded, edited, manipulated, and otherwise misused by external forces. As a consequence, we have replaced them with PDF files, so as to prevent a recurrence. All of the SOPs previously uploaded remain unchanged. A quick check on the upload date of those files will reveal this.